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Civics Academy
Online Mandated Education

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Our Mission Is to Build Stronger Communities by Building Stronger Citizens





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Civics Academy is a mandated online eLearning company focused on providing effective and data-driven options to judicial systems, educational systems and corporations. Civics Academy's programs are effective, accessible and affordable. We approach mandated education in a non-traditional manner by focusing on full completion, information retention, partner communication and avoidance of revocation.  Civics Academy has taken a firm step forward by building in our behavioral civics method within all of our courses as we are of the strong opinion that the teaching of the broader meaning of citizenship has been absent in our educational systems as well as media.  Completion of one of our courses represents more than just fulfilling another condition, it represents a positive shift in behavioral choice, prevention of offenders going further into the criminal justice system and more responsible citizenship. We offer a strong hand-up by providing cutting-edge instruction that helps participants become the productive people we want living in our communities.​

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach

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When we take ownership of our actions, we experience more positive outcomes.

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Respecting one another is one of the core foundations of civil society.

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Our ability to stick with our tasks, goals, and passions is vital. Persevering entails effort and practice.

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We need discipline to ensure we build new habits, stop procrastinating, and effectively manage our time. 

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Participating in a community bonded by attitudes, values, and goals is an essential ingredient to enjoying a fulfilling life.


Our current online courses could not have been built without the hard work and input from our instructors.  This team all have Master's Degrees or higher in counseling or social work with years of experience providing mandated education.  We will continue to engage their expertise as we continue to grow in response to the needs of the communities we serve!

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