How do I sign up and take my Court-Ordered course?

In order to register for and take one of our courses, you need to be referred by a court, school, employer or other partner referral source.

What forms of payment do you accept?

What if I have lost my referral or QR code?

You will need to contact your referral source for a replacement.

Do you offer refunds?


We accept credit and debit cards. We do not accept cash, checks or money orders.

Any discounts if I have to take more than one course?

Yes. If you are referred to take more than one course from one source at the same time, you will be given half off all classes after you have paid for and completed the first course.

How long is the course?

Is the entire course completed online?


How long do I have to complete my course(s)?

 It varies depending on several factors including your internet speed as well as your reading pace and how long it takes to pass each section.

Once you pay, you have 30 days to complete the course.

Are there quizzes I need to pass?

What if I fail the quizzes?

Yes. You will have questions throughout the course and will be required to pass with a minimum of 80% correct answers.

How many times can I log in and log out?

You will be required to pass each section before you are allowed to move to the next course section. You will not fail!

How and when will I receive my certificate?

You will be emailed your certificate upon finishing the course.


As many times as you need within the 30 days you have to complete the course. You will only be able to pause the course at the end of a completed section.

Are the programs available in Spanish or any other language and , if so, how do I access?

Will my probation officer, the court or other referring source know when I complete the course?

Yes. As soon as you complete a course, your probation officer or referring source will be emailed your certificate. There may be instances where you will be required to email or hand in your certificate.

Is all the information I submitted to Civics Academy shared with the credit bureau, my employer, or made public in any way?

No unless your employer is also the referring source and requires your certificate.

Yes. All of our current programs have complete Spanish alternatives. You must enable your browser’s Spanish version in order to trigger the course to be presented in Spanish.

Is all the information I submitted to Civics Academy safe and secure?

Yes. You will be able to review all of our privacy standards prior to paying for and completing our courses.

What can I do if I still need help?

Use the form below to fully describe your situation and we will connect with you as soon as we can to help resolve the issue.

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