Cultivating Active Citizens One Community at a Time

The Challenge 

Even though many of the current education approaches available to the courts are evidence-based, they have proven mostly ineffective in helping young adults change their behaviors. Too many young adults do not retain and implement the skills needed to avoid past mistakes that landed them in trouble with the legal system in the first place. Why is this? At Civics Academy, we believe that these options or “bricks” lack the “mortar” to hold them together and give them meaning. The "mortar" is the connectedness to one another and their community. There are many reasons offenders end up in a judicial revolving door, but the lack of civic connectedness is one of the primary reasons they struggle to thrive. The lack of an understanding of the world in which they live - a world of freedom that depends on responsibility and an understanding of the social contract - promotes maladaptive behaviors/choices that perpetuate negative emotional responses, which in turn creates more poor choices, thus the revolving door. 


The Response

With support from the University of Georgia and local judicial systems, Civics Academy developed an approach that gives young offenders a second chance with new innovative programs focused on increasing awareness. Our signature cognitive-behavioral, civics-based curriculum - in English and Spanish -  exposes participants to the "mortar" that is missing. Civics Academy seeks to break the recidivism cycle while assisting participants in developing positive coping skills, encouraging education completion/gainful employment, and becoming productive assets within their communities. 

Stronger Citizens       Stronger Communities


At Civics Academy, we realize that participants often face hefty fines and fees. To increase participation and completion, we have reduced our classes’ cost to a very affordable level and offer flexible payment options.



Other programs are held inconsistently, in locations not easily accessible, and lack language alternatives, thus decreasing completion and recidivism rates. At Civics Academy, our programs are available in all 50 states, participants have 24/7 access to course participation via smartphone, tablet, or computer, and we provide Spanish alternatives for all courses.



To illustrate just how effective our unique approach is, we partnered with The University of Georgia School of Social Work to track post-class retention, recidivism, and employment for one year after exposure to one of our classes. One volunteer-based survey found that 95.9% of former Civics Academy participants now have a better understanding of the choices they make and how they can be responsible. Additionally, their findings indicated that 97.9% of participants did not re-offend during the first year following successfully completing one of our programs. 

Our User Community



Why Use Civics Academy



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Responsibility Awareness Program RAP

The RAP program helps develop critical thinking skills, reduces impulsive activity while increasing responsible thinking and pro-social behavior. Covers anger management requirements.
Appropriate for:

Adults and Juveniles
Driving without a license
Disorderly Conduct
Disturbing the peace
Most minor charges

Directional Signage.  Right way, Fast wa
close up consumer  thief’s hands putting

Theft Awareness Program TAP

The TAP program provides a positive reconstructive experience while irrational thoughts are identified that contribute to criminal involvement. By initiating a positive self­ change process, healthier strategies for coping are developed.
Appropriate for:
Bad checks

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Program DAP

The DAP program provides a general overview of Marijuana, alcohol & other drugs including the effects and consequences of their use specifically how they affect the human body and how legal charges impact their future.
Appropriate for:

Adults Ages 18 and up



General Drug Use
Underage Drinking

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Life Skills Awareness Program LSAP

The LSAP program presents participants with daily living skills necessary to better engage independently in their community. By exploring the areas of self-responsibility, communication, networking, the digital world, financial literacy, and being professional, we empower participants with an understanding of how to better navigate their world allowing them to not only survive but to thrive.

Appropriate for:

Adults and Juveniles

All charges as an add on or stand-alone option

For those who struggle with basic life skills

substance abuse, addiction, people and d

Minor in Possession Awareness Program MPAP

The MPAP program is designed specifically for those under age and provides a general overview of Marijuana, alcohol & other drugs including the effects and consequences of their use specifically how they affect the human body and how legal charges impact their future.
Appropriate for:

Juveniles Under the Age of 17

Minor Possession


General Drug Use
Underage Drinking

Cyber Awareness Program CAP

The CAP program cultivates an understanding of what it truly means to be a digital citizen in the 21st century. By providing the right tools to protect oneself, critically think, and positively engage online, participants discover how to navigate our internet democracy.

Appropriate for:

Adults and Juveniles


Inappropriate online/app behavior

A great option for juvenile courts

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Thank you for offering this class to me. I realize that after this class that we will make mistakes and we can acknowledge this and move on.

Avery Smith

A fantastic program filled with facts and actual help with decision-making for the future. This class was better than what I was expecting. Very uplifting and informative.

Skyler Adelson

I learned a lot about my civic responsibility as well as how to cool off.  I am thankful I was required to take this class!

Jessie Brown

When I was required to take my course, I thought it would be a waste of time but it helped me see how to change the way I have been thinking and acting.

Frankie Bolder