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Behavioral Civics Method

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Online Mandated Education


Collaborating with multiple local agencies and partners, Civics Academy introduces ProCivica - a service that gives participants the effective tools needed to make healthy positive choices through new innovative programs. Using ProCivica's Behavioral Civics Method -  our signature cognitive-behavioral, civics-based curriculum, ProCivica exposes participants to the "mortar" that is missing in modern decision-making that allows them to plug into the prosperity that is available as American citizens. Civics Academy seeks to break negative cycles while assisting participants in developing positive coping skills, encouraging education completion/gainful employment, and becoming productive assets within their communities. 


At Civics Academy, we realize that participants often face hefty fines and fees. To increase participation and completion, we have reduced our classes’ costs to a very affordable level and offer flexible payment options that include discounts when recommended by the courts.


Other programs are held inconsistently, in locations not easily accessible, and lack language alternatives, thus decreasing completion and recidivism rates. At Civics Academy, our programs are available in all 50 states, participants have 24/7 access to course participation via smartphone, tablet, or computer, and we provide Spanish alternatives for all courses.


About Civics Academy

Stronger Citizens

Stronger Communities

Civics Academy is an online E-learning company that began working with judicial and education systems in 1991.  We provided in-person classes up until 2020 when Covid impacted our ability to do so.  Like so many other businesses, we poured our energy into transitioning to a more accessible as well as impactful online approach.  All of the in-person courses that research revealed reduced recidivism were transitioned to an online platform using the input from learning scientists to provide some of the most cutting-edge options available today. Completion of one of our courses represents more than just fulfilling another condition, it represents a positive shift in behavioral choice and more responsible citizenship. We offer a strong hand-up by providing cutting-edge instruction that helps participants become the productive people we want living in our communities.

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Our Courses

Responsibility Awareness Program

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Program

Awareness Program

Firearm Responsibility Awareness Program

Anger Management Awareness Program

Animal Responsibility Awareness Program

Responsible Parenting Awareness Program

November 2022

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